About Scoreboard pressure

There’s more to the humble scoreboard than meets the eye. Sure, it shows the score of a game but it can also evoke memories and stories and odds and ends.

The scoreboard is an integral part of Australian Rules football – and other sports –  yet it has received very little attention from the game’s authors, journalists, historians and photographers.

Scoreboard pressure celebrates the variety of scoreboards and sports grounds across Australia.

But it’s not just about sport.

Scoreboard pressure is about people, about places, about  travel. Mostly, it’s about curiosity.

But don’t take our word for such claims. Take a look at ‘Window to a nation’, written by Peter Hanlon and published in The Age on 19 November 2011

The Scoreboard pressure team intends to post at least one  scoreboard per week.

Many of the photos and yarns in Scoreboard pressure first appeared at australianrules.com.au

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Note: the editors of Scoreboard pressure do not necessarily endorse any of the advertising that appears on photos of scoreboards, boundary-line fences and the like.