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Would you like to tell us about your local scoreboard?

Do you have scoreboard stories and photographs you’d like to share?

We’d be delighted to hear from you.

You can write to us directly: stereostorieseditor (at) (Vin) and lesev(at) (LEs)

Send photos via email. Small JPGs (less than a megabyte each).

We’ve also got Twitter accounts @scoreboardlife (Vin) and @LesEverettFreo (Les).


  1. A mate put me onto your site. It is a corker!! Hope to help with some photos over the next twelves months. Power to ya. A ripper idea.

  2. Hey, this site is brilliant, i’ll be plugging it on twitter!

    pumped to see reclink scoreboard as i help out and play with western storm, best win we’ve had in 5 years that scoreline!
    Have a few pics you may be interested in, inside western oval scoreboard just before it was demolished, few vic park ones although they’re a bit generic, and a couple of moorabbin ones too. Operated box hill scoreboard for a bit and did take pics while operating but can’t find em!

    Great site! Thanks

  3. We have a wonderful, yet underused, scoreboard at Newcastle, No 1 Sportsground. Will organise a photo sometime soon. Hey, does anyone know about any digital cricket scorebaords? I heard there was an ABC ‘widget’ a few years ago? It would be a popular app if one exists, but I just cannot find one? Any ideas?

    • Scott, Looking forward to placing photos of the Newcastle No 1 Sportsground on Scoreboard Pressure soon. As for digital cricket scoreboards, do you mean those portable/generic scoreboards that many clubs now have? As for the ABC ‘widget’ and ‘popular app’, let’s hope someone out there in Scoreboard Land can tell us more.
      Vin Maskell, co-editor, Scoreboard Pressure.

  4. I was delighted to run into a Willy boy at Prahran on Saturday.I think the David Mandie Scoreboard at Toorak Park is fantastic but not as good as the one at Princes Park in 1990 that recorded a miracle on VFA Grand Final day.
    Well done Vin and keep up that swimming.

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