Queenstown Events Centre, Frankton, New Zealand

Frankton cricket ground
Photos by John Darcy

The Queenstown Events Centre must be one of the prettiest cricket grounds in the Southern Hemisphere, and beyond. And the mountainous backdrop must be a distraction for batsmen (Never mind moving the sightscreen, what about the mountains?), while the scoreboard looks like it requires abseiling skills.

The ground is currently hosting a 4-day Plunket Shield game between home team SBS Bank Otago Volts and Sky City Northern Knights. The rather picturesque oval has hosted several One Day Internationals. A New Zealand X1 will be playing England there in a 4-day game from  27 February to 2 March.

Frankton cricket ground

Scoreboard Pressure would love to see photos of this spectacular scoreboard in action. See our contact page for details.

Frankton cricket ground

The small scoreboard above was snapped at a neighbouring ground where a game was being played between a local Under 17 team and a school team from Canberra.

John Darcy and family travelled to New Zealand courtesy of Scoreboard Pressure Terrific Trans Tasman Tours. (‘Ain’t no scoreboard high enough.’)

Visit the Otago Cricket Association for a photo of a game at Queenstown Events Centre. (Second of the three photos.)

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  1. That looks amazing and that photography is of a professional standard!
    Not to mention the good looking model in the first image.

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