Honour Board

Scoreboard Pressure welcomes photos and yarns from across the sporting world. We greatly appreciate the contributions from correspondents near and far. We look forward to adding you to our  prestigious honour board.

Michael Wearne

Derek Mott

Ralph Addis

Eric Algra

Peter Argent

John Butler

John Carr

Mark Cherney

David Collopy

Matt Cramond

Glenn Dawson

Georgie Day (St Kilda Football Club)

Barb Cullen (North Melbourne and Sydney/South Melbourne football clubs)

Essendon Hall of Fame

Victor Fisher

Leigh Gazzard

Sean Gorman

Shane Goss

Peter Haby (Hawks Museum)

Anderson Hunt

Roy Hay

David Hurwitz

Daron Jacks

Matthew Kirk

John Kingsmill

Jeff Lawton

Jesse Marlow

Jesse Maskell

Peter Maskell

Don McQueen

Doug Newington

Leon Old Golf

Greg Parker

Jim Pavlidis

Wayde Petersen

Chris Rees

Paula Rees

Luke Reynolds

Carmel Riordan

Trevor Ruddell (Melbourne Cricket Club Library)

Stanley ‘Digger’ Roberts

Margaret Swan

Geoff van Wyngaaden

Bill Walker

Tim Webster (City of Yarra)

Matt Zurbo

Jim Thompson

Richard Jones


  1. Hi Les, heard your commentary on the wireless about cricket pitches and thought it interesting. I know of a cricket pitch on Telegraph Rd Culham on private property. I know of another on the main road between York and Beverley (maybe 20m inside the boundary fence on the west side of the road). There was a cricket pitch 15yrs ago at Graham Rock, some 30km east of Hyden where sandalwood cutters used to camp, farmers used to wash their superphosphate bags in a dam on the rock and it was a meeting place for farm families to picnic which is Likely why the cricket pitch is there. Regards Terry

    • Thanks Terrance, I came across the owners while snooping around at Culham so was able to get onto the property. Have’s seen the other two so will check them out. Appreciate the info

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