Maifeld, Berlin, Germany

Photo by Glenn Dawson

At first glance, with the cricket scoreboard in the foreground and Australian Rules goalposts deep in the background one may justifiably assume this photo was taken during the Australian summer. In Australia.

The park, though, is in Maifeld, Berlin and the photo above was taken on August 4 during a 50 over game between Viktoria 89 Berlin and Berlin Cricket Club II.

Photographer Glenn Dawson notes that Maifeld is where Hitler held his parades and is adjacent to the Olympiastadium built for the 1936 Olympics.

Photo by Glenn Dawson

The scores above are from a T20 match on the July 29 between Britannia Cricket Club (Glenn’s team) and Berlin Cricket Club. Glenn had just been dismissed for an enterprising 20 runs in 3.3 overs and showed great equanimity to be taking such a fine photo so soon after his dismissal. Unfortunately most of the rest of the team collapsed and the Berlin X1 won the game.

Photo by Glenn Dawson

Glenn also sent Scoreboard Pressure excellent photos of the classic scoreboard at Manuka, Canberra.

Glenn has recently been appointed Scoreboard Pressure‘s honorary European correspondent.

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