Bath Cricket Club, England

Bath Cricket Club scoreboard
Photo by Jesse Maskell

The autumn leaves have fallen and the electronic scoreboard numbers will not glow til next summer.

Bath cricket ground and church spire
Photo by Victor Fisher

You can just see the Bath scoreboard in action in this photo taken two summers ago.

Cricket at Bath, England
Photo by Victor Fisher

Bath Cricket Club was founded in 1859. It has 700 members including about 110 senior players and 230 young cricketers. Its facilities include ‘a fifteen-pitch square, together with two non-turf and 14 grass practice pitches, an LED scoreboard, with a score-box in the John Ruddick Pavilion and a fine pavilion’.

Jesse Maskell and Victor Fisher are Scoreboard Pressure’s UK correspondents.

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  1. Gosh, how gorgeous. I love the shot of the pavilion with the train heading past. What a beautiful cricket ground

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