Ocean Grove, Victoria

The scoreboard at Ocean Grove’s Memorial Reserve has been standing for at least 30 years.

It is directly opposite my wife’s brother’s first wife’s home. I visited the scoreboard during a New Year family function in January 2010, accompanied by my wife’s brother’s first wife’s son (!) who recalled manning the scoreboard during his teenage years, when he played for the Grubbers. “It was good fun,” recalled Tony, now in his early forties. “Whoever was around would do the junior games but I think there was an official scoreboard attendant for the seniors.”

The scoreboard includes an old siren and red and green lights, presumably to acknowledge signals from the goal umpires.

Ocean Grove is a strong club in Victoria’s Bellarine Football League. Technically the footy team are the Swans (note the red and white lettering) but the club is colloquially known as the Grubbers, due to the ground being on Grubb Road.