Melbourne University Main Oval and Princes Park Oval Number 1, Victoria

Melbourne University scoreboard
Prahran (batting) vs Melbourne Uni. Second X1 semi-final.

The main oval at Melbourne University is home to a green and black  electronic scoreboard on wheels that is housed in a shady shelter parallel to the pitch. A cream electrical cord runs, a little like a rather long umbilical cord, from the scoreboard to, 10 metres distant, a power point inside the big shed.  All in all it’s a curious creature.

Melbourne University cricket ground
Prahran vs Melbourne Uni. Second X1 semi-final.

Scoreboard and shed


Scoreboard Pressure visited on day one of the Premier Cricket second X1 semi-final between Prahran and Melbourne Uni. The visitors won easily on the second day when paceman Leigh Alford took 8/27. Prahran will play Camberwell Magpies over Easter in the Second X1 Final.

Princes Park Oval 1
Melbourne vs Melbourne Uni. Fourth X1 semi-final.

A few minutes north of the pretty Melbourne University ground are the spacious playing fields of Princes Park, where you’ll find soccer, softball, cricket, and tennis, as well as joggers and cyclists. The electronic scoreboard at Princes Park Oval 1 is two dimensional, so to speak.

The red and black main scoreboard faces the players, while a smaller scoreboard hanging off the side of the corrugated iron shed accommodates the fans. In the background you’ll catch a glimpse of the the citadel that is Carlton Football Club’s home ground, once known as Princes Park, now known as Malthouse Manor.

Princes Park Oval 1

Princes Park Oval 1
The Cordon. Photograph by Brendan Moody.

Premier Cricket semi-final results

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