Crofts Reserve, Altona North, Victoria

This was my view of the scoreboard at W.L.J. Crofts Reserve when I was doing the scores for the Williamstown – Northern Blues development game in early August 2012. (We don’t call the ‘twos’ the ‘reserves’ anymore.)

I was perched up on the balcony with the video bloke, Asif, the timekeepers, Graeme and Shane, and the umpires’ observer, Alex.

I find these boards a bit tricky – that you need to stand back a bit to read them clearly. But I didn’t fancy heading backwards over the balcony for the sake of accuracy. The half-time score here is 8.8 (56) to 4.6 (30).

The bottom half of the scoreboard wasn’t too easy to read from down below, with the goal umpires taking their time before giving me the all clear. If I’m ever back at Crofts Reserve I’ll prop up the scoreboard so that it sits a bit higher. And maybe get myself some abseiling gear.

The previous scoreboard had sailed the seas at some stage before coming to rest in Altona North. I took the photo above two years ago. The playground in the background is still there, as is the Prompt advertising sign. And maybe the magpie, perched on top, still swoops in September. But the scoreboard’s gone. Or has it?

Maybe the old shipping container-scoreboard was moved to the back of the clubrooms, re-painted and turned into what appears to be luxury amenities for the umpires.

Crofts Reserve was home to Central Altona and Altona North Braybrook Youth (ANBY), two clubs folded some years ago. The ground is now home to the Williamstown SuperRules teams and Altona North Cricket Club.

Thanks to the Footy Maths Institute for info about Central Altona and Altona North Braybrook Youth (ANBY).

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  1. If I can correct you – Crofts was Centrals home. Before moving there, they played at Langshaws Res Altona Nth.
    When they moved away, ANBY moved in to Langshaws Res – so ANBY were not based at Crofts

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