The Eels’ Wipe Off 5 Scoreboard

Wipe Off 5 Scoreboard
Hurlingham Park, East Brighton, Victoria.  Image sourced from Wipe Off 5 campaign

You won’t be surprised to learn that here at Scoreboard Pressure we occasionally notice scoreboards in seemingly unlikely places:  two that come to mind are a footy scoreboard in Western Australia (Clontarf, perhaps) for a fleeting second in the movie Bran Nue Dae, and an old tennis scoreboard in Melbourne for quite a few seconds in Offspring (the changing scores were a metaphor for the relationship between Nina and Patrick).

This week, while watching The Ashes, we took note of this seemingly suburban  scoreboard. It’s part of a safe-driving advertisement starring Nick Maxwell and Chris Judd, and centres around the theme of driving safely by ‘wiping off’ five kilometres per hour.

In this screen-shot a youngster is knicking the ‘5’ that indicated the Eels had kicked five goals. (Imagine if the score had been, say, 5.5 (35) )

What’s especially curious for us here at Scoreboard Pressure is that the Wipe Off 5 scoreboard is very similar to the scoreboard at the lovely Bellbrae ground, home of the Aireys Inlet Eels. (Bellbrae is just off The Great Ocean Road, between Torquay and Anglesea.)

Bellbrae scoreboard
Bellbrae scoreboard, August 2011

The Wipe Off 5 Scoreboard was built by The Pound production company’s art department and modelled, yep, on the Bellbrae board. It was then used for filming at Hurlingham Park, East Brighton.

And here’s the advertisement: Wipe Off 5.

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