Grand Final Scoreboards – 1970 Victorian Football League

1970 Grand Final scoreboard
Image courtesy of

Our motto here at Scoreboard Pressure is ‘Every scoreboard tells a story’, and what a story was the 1970 Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Collingwood and Carlton.

There have been hundreds of thousands of words written about the game, so all we need to say here is:

Alex Jesualenko’s mark just before half-time

44 points down at half-time

Ron Barassi’s half-time instructions to run-and-handball

Ted Hopkins’ four second-half goals from the forward pocket

Carlton’s tenth flag won by ten points

And an attendance of 121, 696.

For a totally unbiased account of the game (truly), visit the Carlton Football Club online museum, who kindly gave us permission to publish the terrific quarter-by-quarter scoreboard image.

Grand Final scoreboards galore

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