Wayde’s world – quiet days in Devenish, Victoria

Dim days in Devenish. The bare bones of the scoreboard.
 The bare bones of the scoreboard and timekeepers’ room..

Wayde Petersen, Scoreboard Pressure‘s Goulburn Valley correspondent, visited the Devenish ground and inevitably pondered the plight of country footy teams.  Wayde reports that the Devenish  Football & Netball Club folded in 2006 (after winning the flag in 2003 and 2005). This  lead to the entire Benalla District Football League going under in 2009, after it was reduced to five sides. The remaining clubs joined neighbouring leagues but are struggling to hang on, with AFL Victoria now directing Swanpool, Tatong and Goorambat to merge.

“I took these photos of Devenish’s ground as a reminder of what happens  after the siren stops permanently, and in the hope that a better solution can be reached instead of sending clubs to the knackers yard on a whim of some football bureaucrat.”

Still, Devenish hasn’t given up the ghost entirely, coming to life last August to celebrate the anniversaries of the 2003  senior premiership and the 1993 reserves premiership. The day included Tungamah wearing the red and white Devenish colours against Katamatite. More details on Facebook.

Where the devil is Devenish?

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  1. I’ve got to add a footnote to this story, there has been a strong rumour that the Picola South East League (which goes as far north as Rennie, New South Wales, as far east as Tungamah & as far west as Shepparton East) could provide a home for both Swanpool and Tatong in 2014 as a merged club (Swanpool/Tatong) or even in their current, separate identities.

    Of course this has to be ratified by the member clubs and even as a merged side they would find it very difficult to get a Under 17’s & 14’s football side & junior netball as is required by the PSEFNL, but at least Swanpool & Tatong haven’t”gone gently into the night” and fought valiantly for thier survival.

    So in 2014, we could see a Goorambat/Swanpool/Tatong in the Ovens & King League, Swanpool & Tatong playing as a merged entity in the Picola South East or even in the Ovens & King League, Swanpool & Tatong going it alone in the Picola South East League or Swanpool & Tatong folding.

    Neither Swanpool or Tatong will be accepted into the Ovens & King League as seperate entities and they will only go with Goorambat as a last resort, Goorambat are assured of a spot in the Ovens & King League as a merged entity where they are the senior partner or on their own.

    Basically it’s as clear as mud & this could take months to reslove, but I’ll keep you posted about this long running saga.

  2. Sadly, the Devenish Football/Netball Club didn’t do what the Devenish Cricket Club did when they were in trouble & merge with Goorambat (That town’s only 10 minutes down the road, closer to Benalla).

    Although that club only has 1 team in the Benalla D.C.A., at least the name survives, because a bit of something is better than all of nothing.

    Maybe the name would’ve lived on and helped Goorambat with their own survival as well, but for whatever reason, the merger never happened & now the Devenish ground falls silent.

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