The Cowdrey Cowper Correction, MCG, 1966

1966 MCG scoreboard

Copyright – Herald & Weekly Times 1966.

A young cricket fan, almost dwarfed by the MCG scoreboard, looks up and down at the names of the Australian team, reads ‘Cowdrey’ and perhaps ponders, ‘Doesn’t he play for England?’ (Meanwhile, a bespectacled and be-hatted gentleman, far left, tries to catch the photographer’s eye.)

The scoreboard attendant soon changed the name to ‘Cowper’, the left-handed Victorian batsman who ensured the scoreboard blokes knew the difference between the two players – Bob Cowper made 307 runs in the first innings of the Fifth Test of the 1965-66 Ashes series, played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in February 1966. He batted for 12 hours and seven minutes and hit 20 fours. (Colin Cowdrey made 79 in England’s first innings. The match was drawn.)

Cowper’s score is part of a scoreboard sculpture by Mathew Greentree within the Members’ Atrium of the MCG.

Artwork by Mathew Greentree

Artwork by Mathew Greentree