Talking scoreboards on The Local Footy Show, tonight

Scoreboard Pressure co-founder Vin Maskell is talking scoreboards on The Local Footy Show on Channel 31 tonight. (Our budget didn’t quite stretch to flying over co-founder Les Everett from Western Australia.)

The Scoreboard Pressure segment will run for 15 to 20 minutes and feature about 20 of our favourite scoreboards. (From a strongly competitive field of about 300 scoreboards.)

The 90 minute program airs at 7pm Fridays and is repeated Saturday mornings at 9am.

Many thanks to Daryl, Benny and Kev at The Local Footy Show for finding air-time for Scoreboard Pressure.

We’ll post a link to the program when it’s online. For now, though, pop yourself in front of the telly from 7pm tonight..



  1. I don’t have access to Channel 31 so I’m going to have to wait until they put it on The Local Footy Shows website later on in the week, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing the show & seeing Vin on my computer screen (hopefully one of the scoreboard photos I did gets shown, but if not I’ll still be stoked anyway).

  2. Hey Vin don’t tell em we couldn’t afford to fly me over. Let’s say I was in important high level strategic scoreboard planning meetings or something.

  3. Great work Vin! Thought the segment was both entertaining and informative. Will be curious to see if anyone can solve the mystery of the Eildon scoreboard at Yarck. Best regards, Eric.

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