Ringwood’s Jubilee Park, Victoria

Coaches, horses and victory to the Seagulls over the Spiders.

Coaches, horses and victory to the Seagulls over the Redback Spiders.

Rumour has it that this scoreboard was once at Punt Road, Richmond. If so, it has some history. I didn’t have much time to follow-up the rumour, let alone take some photographs. I managed a quick squizz inside in-between the two FIDA games there on Sunday 17 May.

Chirnside Park

Chirnside Park

Ferntree Gully

Ferntree Gully

For a match report of the senior FIDA game see our partner site, australianrules, founded and edited by the esteemed Les Everett.

Scoreboard Pressure first reported on Ringwood in 2013, via a dedicated FIDA executive. It was a treat to visit the ground myself. Especially on a sunny late autumn day.

 FIDA is the Football Integration Development Association, a league for players with intellectual disabilities.

For Punt Road scoreboards (and much more about the Tigers’ home ground), take a few minutes to look at The Holy Boot’s letter of love to the Punt Road ground.


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