Princes Park, Shepparton, Victoria

Fo lovers of fonts, check out the numbers, folks. Quite pretty.


Photos and words by Wayde Petersen.

Princes Park, Shepparton, is the  home of the Shepparton Swans of the Goulburn Valley FL & Shepparton DJF.

Princes Park is pretty unique for a GVFL ground in that it is only one of two clubs in the league (the other being Rochester) that still have manual scoreboards.

Sadly, success hasn’t been a regular thing for the Swans for a few years, but I like going here because it’s one of the prettiest grounds in the league, right on the banks of the Goulburn River.

As you can see, Princes Park is really spread out. Although that cuts back on being able to park your car on the fence, it’s still a nice place to watch a game.

Noble monks in the forward pocket.


Motley Crew Bar sign above the left hand side roller door.

Room to move, space to lead into.

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