Grass Patch, Western Australia



I visited Grass Patch late in December 2010. I’m guessing this structure is what’s left of the scoreboard.

There’s no longer a team at Grass Patch but plenty of footy has been played in the little town 80km north of Esperance. In the 1920s Grass Patch was part of the Mallee Football Association with Dowak, Scaddan and Salmon Gums. At other times GP competed in the Esperance Football Association – in the early 1960s as part of a team called Mallee that was a combination of Grass Patch and Salmon Gums.

The Mallee games were always well reported.

“The hard training and unflagging persistency of our local football club have at last secured a well merited reward. After an unbroken series of defeats a well deserved win fell to their lot on the 19th inst. (sic) when, meeting Scaddan at the Grass Patch football oval, they defeated their opponents handsomely by 36 points to 28 points after a ding-dong battle, packed with thrills and exhibiting some of the finest points of the game.” (Kalgoorlie Miner 27 July 1925).


  1. Sightboard for the Grass Patch Cricket Club, sorry not the scoreboard. Original footy ground is further south, about 300 meters or so. This ground was developed in the 70’s as it was closer to the other facilities

    • Thanks Graham. Always a guess. Looks like I’ll need to have a look for that old ground… another abandoned cricket pitch maybe. Obviously batters were pampered at Grass Patch.

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