Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Recently we received exciting news from Russia. The St Petersburg Cats have their first scoreboard. The Cats play in a nine-a-side competition playing on a pitch at Forestry Technical University or, as you may know it, Санкт-Петербургский государственный лесотехнический университет имени С.М. Кирова (Sankt-Peterburgskiy Gosudarstvennyy Lesotekhnicheskiy Universitet Imeni S.m. Kirova).

Here’s what the Cats told us…

Footy was started in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in summer 2014 by a group of enthusiasts. Firstly played in public parks just in the centre of the city. Later we moved to rugby and soccer pitches, played against Moscow teams and took part in annual Euro Cups as a national team. Now we have full local city championship, playing every weekend, with stats, records, umpires and all the things you need to play Australian football.

An important part of any game is the scoreboard. Previously we had no clue how important it is and how it changes the game experience in positive way. You look at the score, no need to keep it in mind no more – that’s brilliant!

Our scoreboard is collapsible and portable, you can take it in the car. And at the same time the score is clearly visible from any point on the field. By the way, it was crafted on Anzac Day (no jokes, hehe).

The pictures are from our first game with a scoreboard: 27 April 2019, LTU Pitch, Baltic Hawks 10.16 (76) – Northern Tigers 6.6 (42).


 To follow the St Petersburg Cats try these…

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