Undera, Victoria

Photos and info courtesy of Wayde Petersen.

Club founded: 1888

Uniform: Maroon with gold sash & trim, Maroon shorts & socks (They used to wear the Brisbane Lions colours from the late 90’s until 2016, when they reverted back to their original colours).

Premierships: 1891 (Elder Trophy), 1906 & 1925 (Kyabram District JFA), 1930 (Goulburn Valley Seconds JFA), 1946, 1947, 1955, 1962, 1968, 1972, 1997 & 2009 (Kyabram DFL)

The Undera ground was host to a number of Kyabram District FL Grand Finals  until the league decided to host the Grand Final at Goulburn Valley FL grounds, Mooroopna & Tatura around 15 years ago.


Undera Grandstand


Bar open, folks!

Undera Park is also home to the Undera Speedway (the main speedway in the Goulburn Valley) and the Undera Cricket & Tennis Clubs.

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Via Google Satellite

Screen shot only. Click on Google link above for full zoom-in-zoom-out experience!

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