Backyard scoreboard (1)

Why did it take me this long to cobble together my very own backyard scoreboard? One, because I’m obviously slow off the mark, having had these numbers and nameplates for a while. Two, because I’m not flash with a hammer and nails.

The yellow number 1 in the top left corner (originally from Williamstown scoreboard) tells you this is the first of the Backyard Scoreboard series. It also tells you the number of times I hit my left thumb and my left index finger during the construction. Multiplied by 1000, it tells you the number of times the two dogs next door bark each day.

Why Mordialloc? I was born there. Lived there til I was four years old.
Those hoops? Salvaged from primary school playground ten or more years ago. Good for hanging wetsuit and beach towels.

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