Abandoned cricket pitches

Scoreboard Pressure co-founder Les Everett is very close to chalking up a double century.

The past few years Les has been finding more abandoned cricket pitches than old scoreboards , so he created an Instagram account in 2019. You’ll find them at: https://www.instagram.com/abandonedcricketpitches

This week ABC Great Southern profiled the pitch project. Take a look.

Les also wrote about the project here at Scoreboard Pressure, 14 months back. Take a look.

To contact Les about abandoned cricket pitches write to: lesev@highway1.com.au

One comment

  1. Hi, Janet is my name ….broken Hill has a cricket pitch near the RSPCA…..it’s now unused bushy has no boundry .It’s next to the railway..22 yards exactly

    So if your there go to the RSPCA and cross the railway road side tar and back up 5o yards.

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