Marvellous Mordialloc, a timeless classic

Andrew Asprey is a committee member at Mordialloc Football Club, in Melbourne’s southern suburbs. He is restoring the scoreboard and is on the lookout for an old-fashioned scoreboard clock…

I believe our scoreboard is the last of the old VFL/VFA manual scoreboards still in operation.

Since taking over operation of the scoreboard I am gradually returning it to full grandeur with race results, Quarter indicator and Around the Ground AFL scores.

Inside the scoreboard are mementos of VFA glory days with name plates for Frankston, Box Hill, Brunswick, Caulfield, Springvale and Oakleigh. (Formed in 1891, Mordialloc was a member of the VFA for thirty full seasons, winning the flag in 1977 in Division Two. In the grand final that year Geoff Rosenow captain-coached the Bloods to a 19.19 (133) to 14.11 (95) defeat of Yarraville.)

The Oakleigh plate in the pic above is used when we play Oakleigh Districts. (Southern Football League Division 1)

The right-hand corner advertisement (Velocity Management Group) is actually covering an old swing-door-opening formerly used as a bar in VFA days. I will be restoring this to full function and hope to have it open as a bar in time for Southern Football League Finals this year. Finals games are played at Mordialloc for the first two weeks of finals.

In keeping with the old school nature of our scoreboard, we are looking for a time clock. Not the new fangled electronic type, but the old clock style time clock, seen at most senior level grounds up until the 1990s. In fact, Port Melbourne still has theirs in use.

The Mordialloc Football Club would love to hear from any clubs that still have their old timeclock stored away, having being superseded by a new electronic scoreboard.

We are happy to pay a reasonable price for a functioning unit.

I can be contacted on 0411 399 088 or



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