VFL Park and The ABC Melbourne Showband

It’s 1977 and Brian May And The ABC Melbourne Showband are looking for a place big enough for a photo shoot for their latest album. Perhaps all the concert halls were booked out. Maybe the MCG too. So they end up, seemingly, at VFL Park. Well, that’s my guess. The footy ground later hosted concerts by Kiss and Simon & Garfunkel, so why not an album cover photo shoot. After all, there’s a big new scoreboard there. And plenty of room for the band.

It’s 2021 and on a sunny first day of May I walk around the corner to a garage sale. A woman is selling the family home. Her parents bought the 1925 weatherboard in 1968 for $11,000. They both worked at the docks here in Williamstown. I listen to a short family history while perusing the records. Big-band music ain’t my thing but who said I was actually going to play the record? (The album cover did look a little familiar. Maybe I’d seen it long ago on the @VFLPark Twitter account….)

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