Skipton, Victoria

Photos by JD

The Australian Football website tells us:

Skipton boasted an extremely strong team 150 years ago, on one occasion allegedly (although perhaps not surprisingly this is unsubstantiated) going fifteen years without losing a single match. All of these matches will have been informal affairs against teams from nearby towns such as Ararat, Ballarat, Beaufort, Carngham, Lake Bolac, Linton, Lismore and Streatham

More recently the Emus have won flags in theLinton and District Football Association (L&DFA) – 1921, 1923-4 (3 total); Linton Carngham Football Association (LCFA) – 1937 (1 total); Lexton Plains Football League (LPFL) – 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009-10 (5 total).

When the LPFL went into mothballs after the 2010 season Skipton was one of four of its member clubs to transfer to the Central Highlands Football League.

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