Scoreboards of South Australia

Elizabeth scoreboard, South Australia
Argana Park. Photo by Rob McLean

South Australia has more than one scoreboard, just as – say – Melbourne has more than one horse race.  And Australian Rules football has more than one football competition. We know we’ve only scratched the surface of the riches of South Australian scoreboards.

Football Park, 1993. Artwork by Mike Hugo


The innards of the Adelaide Oval scoreboard. Photo by Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt.



Peake. Photo by Rob McLean




Norwood,1953. Image courtesy of National Library of Australia


Border Districts. Photo by Matt Zurbo


Glenelg cricket scoreboard
Glenelg. Photo by Peter Argent


Gaza scoreboard
Klemzig Oval. Gaza well in control against PHOS Camden.  Photo courtesy of Gaza Sports & Community Club


Photo by Grant Hobson. 2012
Koonibba/Thevenard.  Photo by Grant Hobson. 2012


Borrika scoreboard
Borrika. Photo by Rob McLean. 2008


Adelaide Oval Scoreboard
Photo by Peter Argent. Copyright PLA Media.


All up, our little site has photos of about 35 South Australian grounds. You’ll find more right here. Cheers.

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