Timboon, south-west Victoria

We had to pull over between Cobden and Timboon.Too much rain. Windscreen wipers not even slapping time.  The view just a blur.

Then the rain eased. Just enough. Down a valley and into fog. Summer fog. Somehow.  Timboon has ice-cream factory tours. And a cheesery. But there was only one place I was going, still remembering a photo I saw in The Weekly Times about a decade ago.

I put a raincoat over my shorts. Slipped on my soggy sandals. Scrounged around behind the old scoreboard. Found some numbers. A 1/2. A 5/6. That’ll do. That’s all there was. Saw the hand-painted home -made numbers and thought, “Chris Rees“. Perched on the wet railing, got some purchase, reached up to the hooks.


The Weekly Times. About ten years ago

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