The Married v Single Scoreboard, Tasmania

These images came by way of our Tasmanian correspondent, Chris Rees, who found them via the Libraries Tasmania archives.

Chris reports that the photos are most likely from the early 20th century, from a social game of football, perhaps part of an annual picnic day for staff of Charles Davis Pty Ltd.

Goal umpire fourth from the left. holding flags?

We don’t know if Charles Davis (1824–1913) played in this match*, or if he was a footballer at all, but the University of Tasmania archives tell us that he kicked a lot of goals as a businessman.

We can confidently say that of the close to 1000 scoreboards on this little site, this is the first with a scoreboard for a game between ‘Married’ and ‘Single’.

Lace-up guernsey, top row, first from left.

*Unlikely, given his age but you never know…

The Charles Davis store. Image via Wikipedia.


1887. Image via:

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