Mentone, Victoria

Well, at least the old scoreboard is still in some use. It’s unlikely to be knocked down now that the electronic screen is adorning its facade. Maybe some old numbers and nameplates are collecting dust inside all that brick. Or maybe not.

The ground is home to the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Amateur Football Club, which this year celebrates its 30th seaason since three clubs merged,  and the Mentone Cricket Club, which formed in 1888.

The oval is named in honour of Test cricketer Ian Meckiff, who played junior cricket here in the late 1940s, and mysterious Hogben.

Although I lived in Mentone for a few years in my primary school days I have no recollection of going to watch footy or cricket at Mentone Reserve. I did though, play plenty of kick to kick there with mates and siblings. On Saturday afternoons, for a year or two, I was busy selling The Herald from my spot near Mentone Station.

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