Newcomb, Victoria

                                     Photo courtesy of Col Gray/DGES Footy Talk

Scoreboard Pressure understands that footy clubs need sponsors, and that the scoreboard is a pretty good place to put up a sponsor’s sign.

Scoreboard Pressure was reminded of such issues when Col Gray of DGES Footy Talk told us about the scoreboard in Newcomb, an outer eastern suburb of Geelong.

The relationship between the scoreboard and the advertising at Newcomb appears to be a bit lop-sided. One would have thought the primary aim of a scoreboard was to convey the score but as Col notes, he knew something was amiss when he realised 13 11 66 was not necessarily an incorrect score but the sponsor’s phone number.

Newport Power (formerly the Dinosaurs) play in the Bellarine Football League. The club was formed in 1975. It has had some very lean times of late but hopefully it is on the improve.

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