Gidgegannup, Western Australia

I arrived at Percy Cullen Oval early in the last quarter of the top-of-the-table meeting between the home team Gidgegannup and Pickering Brook just in time to see a classic dummy spit. There was a boundary throw-in and a free kick paid to the Gidge ruckman. “How the #%$& was that a free kick,” screamed the offensive offending opponent as he hurled his mouthguard to the turf. The resulting 50-metre penalty took the Bulldogs’ ruckman to the goal line. The Pickering Brook ruckman was sent from the field still cursing at the injustice of it all. “You’ve just cost your team the game mate,” said a helpful Gidgegannup player. A three-woman team was looking after the scoreboard. Bryony McCrudden told me her brother, who was team manager for the day, had roped her into the job. It was her debut as a scoreboard attendant but not as a volunteer for the Bulldogs. “I’m a multi-tasker,” she explained. Later I learned that Bryony had won the Ladies Merit Award for the Hills Football Association in 2009 and was a trainer for Hills in the 2010 Landmark Country Championships.Helping to form a very efficient scoreboard team were Bryony’s friends Rachel and Mindy. They were enjoying the experience: “You feel like part of the game,” said Bryony.

While they watched an interesting discussion took place about the “don’t argues” dished out by a Bulldog during the game.
“What’s a don’t argue?”
“Like a palm off.”
“Using the palm?”
“Yeah, he’s like Juddy but better.”

Gidgegannup went on to win the game 16.13 (109) to 12.6 (78) and took over top place on the ladder. The Bulldogs were Hills FA premiers in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 and are well placed for more success.


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