Goomalling, Western Australia

“Me and my big mouth.”

That’s Basil Walley’s explanation for his current position as scoreboard attendant at Goomalling. He made an off-the-cuff comment to one of the young blokes at the club about looking after the scoreboard and thought nothing more of it. Unfortunately the club president had been in earshot at the time and if there’s one  thing country football presidents never forget it’s generous offers from volunteers.

The Goomalling Oval scoreboard is an elaborate construction and even has space for the hockey scores. But when the Wheatbelt winds blow in the middle of winter the scoreboard is not the place to be. “It gets cold up there,” Basil said, “I always hope they’ll kick lots of points so I can fill up the holes.” His dream is that one day the council will put a powerpoint in the scoreboard so he can bring along a heater… that would be luxury.

Basil is part of a famous extended football family that includes his cousin Willie Dick who played with Perth and Essendon.

Brothers Matthew (St Kilda and Fremantle) and Josh (Port Adelaide and Fremantle) Carr are other famous Goomalling products.

Les Everett

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