Labrador, Queensland

The Labrador Tigers play at Cooke-Murphy Reserve on the Gold Coast. The scoreboard is a solid secure structure, its paint job nicely merging with the surface of the oval, the local flora, and a rubbish bin. In the photo above the Tigers are ten points up but the visitors appear to be making the most of their opportunities.

One of the risks of being parked inside the scoreboard is that you can’t actually see the scores once you’ve put them up. So occasionally – very, very occasionally – mistakes may go un-noticed. (It’s happened to me at Williamstown once or twice.)

A big win for the Labrador Tigers, and the sponsors would be happy too. The above three photos are all courtesy of Matthew Kirk.

Cooke-Murphy Reserve hosted the Gold Coast Suns VFL game against Sandringham on 24 July 2010. Photo by Sandringham supporter Doug Newington.

More about the Labrador Tigers

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