Reid Oval, Warrnambool, Victoria

Photo courtesy of Picture Victoria and Corangamite Regional Library

Exact details of the construction of this scoreboard are sketchy. Sam Loxton played 12 Tests for Australia and 146 first-class games overall, with a highest score of 232 not out in state cricket. Ian Huntington, an all-rounder, played 46 games for Victoria between 1953 and 1976.

Loxton and Huntington played for Victoria against a Warrnambool XI in 1957/58. Huntington turned 80 in October this year and has unearthed some details about the game. “The game took place on November 2, 1957, and included  players Allen Aylett , Neil Crompton, Len Maddocks, Barry Stevens, John Shaw, John Salmon, etc. Sam Loxton was the captain and Bill Woodfull the manager. I made 36 and Sam made 52, so I have no idea what the numbers on the scoreboard mean! “

Ian Huntington, and wife Marie, shortly before his 80th birthday. Ian is still going strong, playing golf off a handicap of 13 and coaching many grandchildren and others at cricket.

Reid Oval opened for cricket in October 1951. Warrnambool Football Club moved there in 1956.

“The scoreboard looks a little different nowadays,” reported Janet McDonald of the Warrnambool Historical Society.  “The base has been bricked in to create a storeroom underneath and advertising hoarding has been added to the top.”

Photo courtesy of Picture Victoria and Corangamite Regional Library

In September of this year Victoria’s Sports Minister, former Essendon player Hugh Delahunty, said Reid Oval was in serious need of redevelopment.

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