Belgrave, Victoria

Photos aad text by Jeff Lawton
Photos and text by Jeff Lawton

Belgrave’s attractive green scoreboard burnt down (or more likely was burnt down)  in November. The Belgrave scoreboard was a very good one. The font of the team names was unusual; the numbers were large and easily read.


Belgrave  won the second division flag in the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League this year. The club seems to be on the upswing after a long malaise. Belgrave won six premierships in seven years in its glory years of 1948-54.

   Belgrae scoreboard

The small but attractively situated Belgrave Recreation Reserve opened in 1926 and suffered from an indifferent playing surface for many years. The ground was resurfaced in 2010 and is now looking to be in top shape.

Jeff Lawton is Scoreboard Pressure’s Yarra Valley correspondent.

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