Etwell Park, Bakers Creek, Queensland

Photos by Michael Wearne


Etwell Park is the home of the Bakers Creek Football Club who play in the Mackay Australian Football League.

Photographer Michael Wearne visited the ground for during a caravan trip around Australian earlier this year.


“Ken the groundkeeper (on the tractor) said I could put some numbers on the scoreboard. When I’d finished I asked whether he wanted me to take them down. ‘Leave them up,’ he said, ‘It’s the first time we’ve been in front all season.'”


The Tigers won their last premiership in 1999, we think things are about to change.



  1. Nice stuff, and love the Tiger logo! Great to see the sign pointed to Aust. Football ground, not ‘AFL’ ground. Carna Tiges

  2. Nice observation Boot. On my other site we used to say something along the lines of: “…the game is Australian rules football, some play in the AFL, they don’t play AFL.” We’ve just about lost that fight… but not in Bakers Creek.

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