Number 1 Sportsground, Newcastle, New South Wales

Newcastle Number 1 Sportsground
All photos by Scott Cooper Johnston

Three-quarter time in the 2012 Grand Final of the Black Diamond Cup Premier Division. Terrigal Avoca look home and hosed but got a mightly fright when Cardiff charged home in the last 30 minutes of the season, kicking four goals four to nothing. Final scores were Terrigal Avoca 10.4 (64) defeated Cardiff 7.12 (54).

Inside Newcastle scoreboard
‘Enough room to swing a cat,’ says Scott.
Newcastle sportsground Number one
Room with a view, a very fine view.

The Black Diamond Australian Football League derives its name from the Black Diamond Cup, a trophy that dates way back to 1867, making it ‘the oldest sporting trophy competed for in Australia…The trophy is adorned with the figure of a nineteenth century Australian Football player wearing a woollen jumper, knee-length knickerbockers and a woollen cap. A football is positioned in front of him, preparing for a place kick.’

Newcastle sportsground
Final scores, First Division Grand Final

Scott Cooper Johnston’s debut as a scoreboard attendant was the 2012 First Division Grand Final of the Black Diamond Australian Football League. Nothing like jumping into the deep end to kick-start a scoreboard career. Scott plays footy for Newcastle City Blues and Hunters Masters. Both teams are based at Newcastle’s Number 1 Sportsground. Every year the ground hosts the Grand Finals of the Black Diamond Australian Football League. The ground also hosts plenty of cricket.

‘We have first class cricket here most summers, red ball and white ball matches, and the old scoreboard is in full swing,’ said Scott. ‘I would love to run the scoreboard for a cricket match.’

Scott Cooper Johnston travelled to Number 1 Sportsground courtesy of Scoreboard Pressure Buslines.

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