Berri Memorial Oval, South Australia

Loxton Cricket Club scoreboard
Photo by Melanie Albrecht


Story by Rob McLean, of Wicket-to-Wicket.

The scoreboard tells the story, with Loxton  just two wickets from defeating Berri and claiming its second consecutive Riverland Turf Cricket Association premiership.

The match started off with Loxton losing the benefit of the home ground advantage after a sprinkler mishap late in the week meant its home deck was unsuitable for play. Berri, in a move that some other competitions should make note of, had fortunately prepared a pitch as an insurance policy, and the match was transferred across the river to their  ground.

But that did not mean the Loxton Tigers left their scoreboard at home for the weekend.

And, what a scoreboard it proved to be, as Loxton  racked up one of the biggest scores in Riverland cricket grand final history: a momentous 5/396.

With Berri 8/84 in reply, Loxton super-supporter Bomber Miller decided to parade the score around the Berri Memorial Oval like a ring girl at the boxing. We’re not sure if he was providing a community service or merely showing humility in the face of a looming and rather large victory.  Maybe both. Berri was soon all out for 115.

The win completed a perfect season for Loxton, which also claimed the limited overs trophy.

Bomber Miller  is known across the Riverland and Mallee for his vocal support of the Loxton Cricket Club, particularly his good mate Michael Gutsche, and the Wunkar Football Club. (Incidentally, the scoreboard is sponsored by Larry’s Signs: Larry is the brother of Nick Uren, who played a substantial part in Loxton’s season.)

Cricket action at Berri
Photo by Melanie Albrecht
Loxton Cricket Club
Photo by Melanie Albrecht

For a detailed description of the grand final, visit Wicket-To-Wicket.

For some more photos of Berri Memorial Oval, including its impressive war memorials (and a glimpse of its scoreboard), visit Austadiums.


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