Brisbane Golf Club, Queensland

1960 Golf Scoreboard
Photo courtesy of The Leon Old Golf Collection

Remember when life was black and white? When sport  and golf and memories were all  black and white?

Remember when cigarette companies sponsored sporting events?

I’ve just looked up the meaning of ‘craven’ (as in Craven A cigarettes, sponsor of the leaderboard above). The Macquarie Dictionary defines ‘craven’ as ‘cowardly, pusillanimous, mean-spirited’. Some might use such adjectives to describe tobacco companies.

Perhaps ‘craving’ – as in yearning and longing – might have been a more apt brand name.

Thanks once again to The Leon Old Golf Collectiom, which has also provided us with pics in recent months of the leaderboards at Royal Melbourne Golf Course (1953 Australian Open) and Kooyonga in South Australia (1972 Australian Open)


  1. Perhaps it came from the question, “Would you like a cigarette?’ to which the answer was, “yeah, I’m cravin’ eh”. Aussie accent required.


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