Visy Park, Carlton, Victoria

Carlton scoreboard
Michael Sexton, Stephen Silvagni, Milham Hanna and Fraser Murphy, circa 1995. Photo courtesy of Carlton Football Club
Carlton scoreboard
Photo courtesy of Carlton Football Club and

The excellent website tells us that the above photo was taken during training before the 1995 Round 22 game of 1995, the year the Blues won the flag. Stephen Silvagni and Michael Sexton are in the foreground, while in the background the scoreboard still tells stories from the previous weekend, when Fitzroy played a home game at the ground, losing to St Kilda  13.12 (90) to 16.21 (117). Blueseum informs us that the scoreboard also has  the results of  the reserves, the races, the Little League, plus around the ground scores:  A Geel.15.20 B Foots.19.11   R Rich.14.25 S Coll 7.13    U Haw. 9.14 V  N.M. 17.11.

Carlton scoreboard
Photo courtesy of Carlton Football Club and
Carlton scoreboard
Cropped  image courtesy of Carlton Football Club and

The Garton Street scoreboard was pulled down  to make way for the Legends Stand. Here at Scoreboard Pressure we’d love to know if anyone souvenired parts of the scoreboard. (A St Kilda fan, for example, has parts of the old Moorabin scoreboard in his backyard.)

Nowadays Visy Park (formerly known as Optus Oval, still fondly called Princes Park), is home to several types of scoreboards, some working, some not.

Carlton scoreboards
Three scoreboards, one in action. Northern Blues v Williamstown. June 2013
Sam Smorgon scorebaord
Rusty speakers, gutter grass and one of the two Sam Smorgon scoreboards
Carlton scoreboard
Keeping it simple. ‘H’ for home. ‘A’ for away. Half-time, June 2013.
Carlton scoreboard
The second of the Sam Smorgon scoreboards.

Visy Park was Carlton’s home ground from June 22, 1897  to May 21, 2005.  Many thanks to Carlton Football Club and

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