The Leon Weigard Scoreboard, Princes Park, Carlton, 1982

1982 scoreboard
Artwork by Jim Pavlidis


1981  premiers Carlton played Fitzroy in Round 1 of 1982 at Princes Park on Saturday 27 March. The game ended amidst a series of contentious decisions, culminating in a point after the siren for Carlton. Leon Weigard’s protest was based around whether the final kick of the match, following a dubious holding the man free kick to Carlton’s Greg Wells, was touched before it crossed the line or, as the goal umpire ruled, rushed. Even the Blueseum, the Carlton history website,  described the result as a lucky escape.

Jim Pavlidis is a Melbourne artist. His previous contributions to Scoreboard Pressure include the 1977  drawn Grand Final and junior footy in Box Hill North.



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