Grand Final scoreboards – 2013 WAFL

2013 WAFL Grand Final
Photos and text by Les Everett, Scoreboard Pressure co-editor.


THERE are big moments in Grand Finals. In the 2013 WAFL Grand Final on Sunday 22 September  it came 11 minutes into the third quarter with East Perth leading by three points. Young Royals defender Blayne Wilson took a mark on the wing and West Perth captain Jason Salecic bashed into him late. A 50-metre penalty put Wilson inside 50 and ready for a shot at goal. As is the the modern way a few Royals were letting Salecic know about his mistake. It was all over when Jamie Cripps came from miles away and shoved Salecic, who went to ground. The kick was reversed, the Falcons went forward and kicked a goal. Moments later they had another. The game had changed and West Perth didn’t lose their lead.

Bill Monaghan, victorious West Prth coach
Bill Monaghan, victorious West Perth coach

Read Les’ full report of the game on his australianrules site. (Les is a Esst Perth fan and showed great professionalsim, composure and neutrality when reporting and photographing the game. Les is currently writing the history of his beloved Dockers. The tone of the final chapter will be decided  shortly after the final siren next Saturday.)

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