Temp scoreboard at the ‘G

MCG temporary scoreboard
Blue by you.The crowd, including a man with his back to the action. Victoria 8/356 in its second innings.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, also known as the MCG, or simply the ‘G, has a temporary scoreboard while the previous vision boards (to use their correct names) are made even bigger. Scoreboard Pressure’s resident MCG photographer  battled the crowds to take some pics of this week’s Victoria vs South Australia Sheffield Shield game. The home team was soundly beaten by the South Australians. (Victoria 118 and 404; South Australia 343 and 3/183)

MCG temporary scoreboard
Victoria’s Jon Holland during his second innings of 43 runs.
Lights, camera, but not a lot of action. The old visionboard is to the left.


The MCG scoreboard 1895. Image courtesy fo the Melbourne Cricket Club Library
The scoring board 1895. Image courtesy of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Scoreboard Pressure’s history of the MCG scoreboard

Media release about new vision boards


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