Fremantle Park: a scoreboard has appeared

For the past couple of seasons Fremantle Park has been used by the Bicton-Attadale team from the South Metro Cricket Association. Recently there’s been an exciting development – a scoreboard.


Frankie and I checked it out early in the season when it told of a familiar low grade batting collapse but a few weeks ago we saw something most unusual. Play was long over and the only people left were a club stalwart doing the last of the cleaning up and a couple of young helpers.

The scoreboard hadn’t been packed away. “Is that score right?” I asked. The club stalwart glanced at the scoreboard and said, “Yes it is.” There was a hint of pain in his voice and I didn’t press him further. 9/460. Was such a score really possible in an afternoon of suburban cricket?


I checked the SMCA scores in The West that week and sure enough SJ Blues had scored 460 to Bicton-Attadale’s 136 in the seconds. SJ Blues, I found later, are the Serpentine-Jarrahdale Cricket Club, and in that game, round four of the season, Dean Fulton scored 128 – his first century.

Take a look at the main Fremantle Park page here…

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  1. About 20 years ago I was a fill-in fielder for the Newport-Digman fourths when the opposition made 400 in an afternoon. One batsman made 200, another a century. Fortunately, being 12th (or 13th) man I wasn’t allowed to bowl. Otherwise the other mob might have made 500.

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