The Scoreboard Cafe

Scoreboard numbers and coffee cups
Outdoor setting, Williamstown

Here at Scoreboard Pressure we’ve always been ahead of the game. We’ve always known, for example, that eventually the inner-city hipsters, the artistic groovers, the chic coffee-drinkers would cotton onto scoreboards and numbers and their place in the world beyond ovals and playing fields.

Today’s Age includes a photo of St Ali Cafe in South Melbourne (where the Swans played up until 30 years ago). Check out the numbers on the window sill. Wonder where they came from?

Elsewhere in today’s Age – the sporting pages, to be exact – there’s a fine photo of the WACA scoreboard, with a dozen classic names. The photo is part of Peter Hanlon’s excellent series about elite Under 19 cricket captains. As ever, Hanlon brings some much-needed perspective to the sports pages.

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