Big changes at Werribee South

Werribee South footy ground
Werribee South, April 2010

There have been major renovations to the Werribee South scoreboard. Back in 2010 it had a black and white paint scheme. And some rust.

December 29, 2013
December 29, 2013

Now the Price Reserve scoreboard is yellow and black.  And the sky is blue.

A forensic examination of brush strokes and fonts is hoping to establish if the same signwriter was contracted for the refurbishment.

The Scoreboard Phantom added some ill-fitting numbers (from the ghost of the Williamstown scoreboard) to mark the visit.

A yellow footy was handy in highlighting the new paint job. Note that the renovations did not extend to including a ladder. Hence the milk crate from the cricket nets.


Photographs taken, the Phantom’s Assistant – suspected to be a local broccoli farmer –  strolls away, leaving as mysteriously as he arrived.

Where the heck is Werribee South?

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