The Lee Hazlewood Scoreboard – Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval Scoreboard
Photo by Peter Argent. Copyright PLA Media.

Lee Hazlewood was a singer in the swinging Sixties, best known for his duet with Nancy Sinatra, Summer Wine.

Despite passing away in 2007, Lee Hazelwood is nowadays bowling from both ends for the Sydney Sixers, in the Big Bash League. The evidence was on the Adelaide Oval scoreboard during the game on 5 January between the Adelaide Strikers and the Sydney Sixers- Lee (Brett) and Hazlewood (Josh) listed as the opening bowlers.

Photojournalist Peter Argent noted: ‘The Sixers (resplendent in pink) inflicted plenty of scoreboard pressure, taking four early wickets of the home side’s top order. This was the reason behind the Sydney Sixers important away win.’

As for the classic scoreboard and the revamped Adelaide Oval, Peter said: ‘The scoreboard is the only part of the oval that looks like it used to.’

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