Woodingley Girls School, England and Cowzat

Sure hands
Sure hands

Okay, so it’s not easy to see, let alone read, the scoreboard. It looks like Melfort Girls School is five for 65.  These illustrations are from Schoolgirl Stories, published about 60 years ago by Juvenile Productions, London.

Schoolgirl Stories Book cover

The cover story, Janet Lends A Hand, is about Janet’s conflict – she’s finally been chosen to play in the  Woodingley School XI against Melfort but her Uncle Bob, who happens to run a visiting but fast-fading circus needs Janet to ride the circus ponies bareback. Janet happens to have a sister,  Peggy. Peggy happens to be her twin sister. Of course.  Identical twin.

They hatch a plan whereby Peggy fills in at the cricket, conveniently fielding at long leg, until Janet completes her circus performance and then races across the English countryside just in time to dash out from some bushes and take Peggy’s place.

Janet takes three catches ‘and a speedy return of the ball was the cause of another batsman being stumped. When play ceased for the tea interval they had skittle Melfort for a ridiculous total’

‘”Janet, what  marvellous fielding,” said her team mate Vicky. “I thought you seemed rather nervy at the beginning. Not quite your usual self, you know!”‘

For a more contemporary tale with a glimpse of a scoreboard, take a look at Cowzat, a book which recently won the Children’s App Category at the 2014 Digital Book Awards in New York.

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