Moonee Ponds Creek – Jacana, Oak Park, Therry Penola and Westmeadows.

Jacana scoreboard

Just over 12 months ago, 21 January 2013 to be exact, I hopped on my trusty blue bike and headed north out of the Melbourne CBD and along the Moonee Ponds Creek bike path. Of the four scoreboards I just happened to come across three were the same design. It was if the clubs had ordered a job lot from an engineering firm. I  wondered if these distinctive scoreboards had had a previous life in some industrial setting. And they also seemed like little platforms you’d find beside a train track out in the middle of nowhere. Or along the Moonee Ponds Creek bike path.

Oak PArk scoreboard

Therry Penola scoreboard

The exception to the trio above was the scoreboard at the Westmeadows ground (if memory serves me correctly).

Westmeadows scoreboard

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Hop on your bike and try The Moonee Ponds Creek Trail

Therry Penola website


  1. The exception is Westmeadows. As your picture shows, it’s currently painted black, but until a few years ago the background was a picture of a tiger (Westie being the Tigers) which made the scores difficult to see. Moonee Ponds Creek is an interesting ride with many sports ground nearby. Sticking to football, Strathmore’s Lebanon Reserve is just south of Therry and is right on the path. Windy Hill and Arden St are only slight detours from the track.

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