Circuit Motors, Altona, Victoria

Service station prices

Photos by Hannah Maskell. Concept by Nic Gaddski.

The Circuit Motors First XI batted steadily last weekend, with oil on the pitch making conditions tricky. “We were under the pump a bit,” said skipper Nic Gaddski, “but 156 for 9 is a competitive total.”

The skipper added that he was very pleased with the form of Hashim Ampol, BP Duminy and veteran wicketkeeper Farouk Electrical Engineer. “It’s easy for batsmen to go into their shells when the wicket is sticky.”

The Circuit Motors club has a fine old-fashioned scoreboard at its Altona homeground. The club is part of the Service Station Cricket Association, one of the most fiercely fought cricket comps in the land. Scores are always close, with especially tense games  during long weekends, Christmas, Easter and other school holidays – times when the batsmen aren’t afraid to up the scoring rate.

Altona shops
Good conditions for service station cricket.

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