Perth Arena, The Jungle


The Perth Wildcats won the first of the best-of-three NBL Grand Final series at Perth Arena on Monday 7 April.

The scoreboard hangs over the court and it’s good. The score ticks over in an instant.

And it tells you what to do. “Make some noise.” When an Adelaide player was at the free throw line. “DefencE.” When Adelaide had the ball.

And you also have a bloke with a microphone to tell you what to do. We all stand up and clap-clap-clap to some music at the start of a quarter and then we sit down when the music stops. And another good thing is that each player has a sponsor and so when he gets subbed on the man with the microphone says: “And here’s Jermaine Dollar Beal courtesy of Pat’s Plumbing Service.” Or something like that. And another good thing is that there’s music or other noise all the time so you never hear that annoying bouncing of the ball. Oh, and I almost forgot another good thing – when there’s a time-out and you might get bored the dancing girls come on and I think they might be called the Car Barn Dancers or something like that.


What happens on the court during play is great. James Ennis is worth watching, Damian Martin is a super deeefender and our Shawn Redhage is a beauty.

I left at half time. Cultural disconnect



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